Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head with Brass Swivel Ball Connector & Flow Restrictor, Brushed Nickel

Purelux 8 Inch Modern Style Rainfall Shower Head

Purelux 8 Inch Modern Style Rainfall Shower HeadModern rain showerheads are becoming very popular today because of their high water pressure feel even with low water consumption. These types of showerheads offer a luxurious spa-like feeling even while at home by providing a drenching rain shower experience.

There are endless rain showerhead models available on the market.  All offering a wide range of mounting options and features thereby ensuring you find just the right showerhead to meet your needs.

One of the best rainfall showerheads currently on the market is the Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head.  The Purelux shower head has an 8-inch by 8-inch chrome shower face that provides an enveloping spa-like shower effect.  While still providing an economical price point that fits almost any budget.  The modern stylish appearance is sure to provide an instant upgrade to any shower or bathroom.

Advantages of the Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head:

    • There’s no need to worry about a big plumbing bill or rerouting plumbing lines with this fixed mount shower head. The Purelux rainfall shower head is wall mounted and does not require a ceiling mount.
    • Comes with a 16″ shower arm ensuring that the showerhead is just the right distance away from the wall so that you can comfortably stand underneath that the rain showerhead.
    • Attached with flow restrictor ensuring that the shower head does not use more than 2 gallons per minute for those that are concerned about water conservation.
    • 97 easy to clean silicon shower nozzles ensure a luxurious spa-like shower experience.
    • Easy installation that anyone can do themselves.  The Purelux Modern Design 8 Inch Rainfall Fixed Mount Shower Head comes with plumbers tape and instruction for worry-free installation.


The contemporary design of this Purelux showerhead is very stylish and modern looking. The 8-inch showerhead is big and robust, covering a huge area to make sure full-body shower coverage is possible. Made from high-quality ABS which helps maintain the gloss chrome finish and prevents corrosion of the shower head.

Purelux Warranty

You can also buy with confidence due to Purelux’s 5-year warranty, as they obviously stand behind the quality of their products.

Main Features:

    • Brass swivel ball designed for long-term sturdiness and allows you to change the position of the showerhead
    • 8″ Rainfall fall shower head with premium Chrome finish, 16 inches Stainless-steel Metal Shower Arm.
    • Installation is a breeze, requiring no special skills or plumbing tools.
    • With the flow restrictor installed you can conserve water at a flow rate of 2 gallons a minute but still maintain a high water pressure feel.
    • 5 Year warranty


There is no need to worry about complicated design and features with this rainfall showerhead.  All of the excess gizmos and do-dads have been stripped away providing a clean simple rainfall shower experience.



Rainfall showerheads provide an instant upgrade to any shower or bathroom with minimal effort and work.

The rainfall showerhead design vastly improves the standard showering experience.   Unlike conventional showerheads, rainfall heads have extra nozzles and larger shower head faces to improve the overall experience while at home and the Purelux 8″ Rainfall Fixed Mount Showerhead is one of the best on the market.


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