ShowerMaxx – 6 Spray Settings Luxury Spa Grade Handheld Shower Head includes Extra Long Brass Finish Steel Hose

ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray Settings | Luxury Spa Detachable Handheld Showerhead

What is a Handheld Showerhead?

A handheld showerhead provides an upgraded shower experience compared to the standard fixed mount shower head.  Handheld shower heads are typically installed on a bracket and connected by a hose allowing the user to remove the shower head from the bracket to supply water wherever needed.  Then can be placed back into its bracket when hands-free operation is needed.  In essence, the handheld showerhead provides two showers in one depending on your needs.

There are many different designs when it comes to handheld showerheads.  Some handheld showerheads include only one shower head.  While others offer dual shower heads including not only a handheld showerhead but also a fixed mount shower head.  Allowing the user to use each one individually or at the same time for the ultimate shower experience.

There is a seemingly endless supply of handheld showerheads currently on the market, all with different options and features.  So it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused when looking at all the different handheld showerhead options out there.

Luckily for you though this seemingly confusing amount of handheld showerheads is actually more of a blessing than a curse upon closer inspection.

With a wide range of handheld showerhead options all offering different options and features it allows the end user to pick out the handheld showerhead that most closely matches their needs and personal preferences.  Thereby ensuring that the handheld showerhead you pick out is tailor-made to your needs and expectations.

How to Pick Out a Handheld Shower Head

But how do you go about narrowing down the list and finding the right shower head that meets your needs?

The first thing to consider is how you will be using the handheld showerhead on a day to day basis and what features might make your daily shower more user-friendly and enjoyable.

The second thing to consider is what type of shower experience are you looking for?  Do you want the ultimate luxurious spa-like shower or do you want to keep it simple and cut out all the excess options and features?

Lastly, consider what type of design and finish you are looking for in a showerhead.  Will you be trying to match existing bathroom fixtures?  Are you looking for a classic design or one that is more contemporary and modern?

ShowerMaxx-6 Spray Settings Luxury Spa Grade Handheld Shower Head

ShowerMaxx-6 Spray Settings Luxury Spa Grade Handheld Shower Head is one of the best handheld showerheads currently on the market.  It offers everything you would expect from a high-end luxurious shower head and more, while still keeping a simple and elegant design.

ShowerMaxx Shower Head Premium 6 Spray Settings | Luxury Spa Detachable Handheld Showerhead
ShowerMaxx Shower Settings

The ShowerMaxx handheld showerhead comes in the 3 different finishes including polished brass, chrome, and brushed nickel to match almost any existing bathroom decor and fixtures.

Its also constructed with high-quality materials such as brass fittings and heat resistant and durable high-grade ABS plastic.  Ensuring this showerhead will stand the test of time and provide premium and luxurious showers for years to come.

Many customer and users of the ShowerMaxx handheld showerhead have stated that this handheld shower head makes a quick and easy upgrade to any existing bathroom or decor.  Also stating that ShowerMaxx made the install quick and painless by provided detailed and easy to read instructions.


Premium Quality Showerhead

ShowerMaxx continues to receive high marks and praise for their quality and durable showerhead products, as they use only the best high-grade materials for construction and assembly.  They also stand by their products and their quality with a worry-free lifetime warranty on this showerhead.  So you can be confident that you will have years of reliable and trouble-free showers in the future or ShowerMaxx will make it right.

6 Different Luxurious Shower Settings

This shower head allows for easy customization and personalization by including 6 different shower setting and spray patterns for your shower.  Ensuring that you will find just the right shower setting no matter your mood or desire.  The 6 luxurious shower settings that are included are Rainfall, Circular Massage, Power Massage, Rainfall and Circular Massage, Rainfall and Power Massage and for the eco-conscious, a Water Saver Trickle mode.

High Water Pressure with Removable Water Restrictor

There is no need to worry about water pressure with this premium handheld showerhead by ShowerMaxx even if you have low household water pressure.  As this handheld showerhead provides a generous 2.5 gallons per minute of water flow with the water restrictor installed.

However, if you have low household water pressure or well water and need additional water pressure the water restrictor can be easily removed before installation.


ShowerMaxx Shower Kit Includes It All

There’s no need to run to the hardware or plumbing store to grab items needed for this handheld showerhead install.  From the rubber washers to the Teflon tape, everything you need to easily install this handheld shower head is included by ShowerMaxx.

ShowerMaxx really has tried to make the install as easy as possible that anyone can do, even if your DIY skills leave a little something to be desired.

Main Features

  • 6 Different Shower Setting and Spray Patterns
  • Made with High-Grade ABS Plastic
  • Flexible and Stretchable Stainless Steel Hose with a Resting Length of 4.92 feet and a Stretched Length of 6.56 Feet (Great for Children or Pets)
  • Detachable Flow Restrictor
  • High Pressure 2.5 GPM Water Flow
  • Handheld Shower Head Mounting Bracket Included
  • Adjustable Ball Joint Allows for Easy and Flexible Adjustment for Just the Right Shower Angle


Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Finish Provides Upgraded Feel to Any Shower or Bathroom
  • Easy Shower Customization with 6 Different Spray Patterns
  • Easy Installation
  • Provide Luxurious Spa-Like Shower
  • All-Inclusive Shower Kit Includes Everything You Need
  • Life Time Warranty


  • Shower Head Continues to Drip For a Period After Shower Head is Turned Off
  • Some Plastic Pieces, Not All Metal Construction
  • Can be Challenging to Change the Shower Settings While Your Hands are Slippery

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-end spa-like shower upgrade that is low on complication and high on enjoyment the ShowerMaxx-6 Spray Settings Luxury Spa Grade Handheld Shower Head is definitely for you.

Its evident ShowerMaxx put a lot of thought into this showerhead design by putting just the right amount of features to give a luxurious shower experience without becoming overly complicated or difficult.

It’s also easy to see why this ShowerMaxx handheld showerhead has so many high marks and customer reviews when you use this handheld showerhead for the first time.


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